Personality: Edit

Backstory: Edit

Kip is of average height, tan skin, has a worn looking face, and has long dark hair he'll often times have in a pony tail. Kip was raised in the south blue on Billwing island by his mother whom he loved dearly, she fell ill and passed when he was 18 years old. Kip who now felt unwelcome in his hometown decided to set out for adventure and left the south blue. Kip loved the inside of a bar and the bottom of a pint, he made many friends from his time in bars, and ended up forming the Rumdrunk pirates.

To this day you are most likely to find Kip asleep on the floor of bar with his fellow merry shipman. Kip is fun loving, and doesn't take much seriously, except his crew. Kip values loyalty and will do anything for his own crew, this has made the Rumdrunk pirates a very closey knit crew. Remember a crew that drinks together, stays together.

Weapons: Edit

2 Long Knives

A Sword

Combat Style: Edit