Personality Edit

Alec enjoys the little things in life such as sleeping, laughing, drinking and cigarettes. Making others smile is a great skill of his, even if it can be due to his own mindless blunders at times.

Backstory Edit

Alec grew up in a very, very average island in the south blue and found himself obsessed with the building of ships for the purposes of epic adventures. Dreaming of embarking on his own journey in search of untold treasures and friends to sail his creations with, Alec dedicated himself to his craft.

Alec was fueled by the passion left in him by his adventurous parents that had left his life in his early years and aimed to become a pirate worthy of any crew. His work with ships turned Alec into a very physically strong, and so it was fitting that his weapon of choice became a large, flat-ended broadsword with stunning engravings and an almost savage aura to it.

As he trained and made new acquaintances and enemies, Alec became known in parts of the South Blue as "Ship Wrecker" due to his incredible strength giving him the ability to deal enormous damage to ships and those occupying them.

This does not label Alec is a meat-head by any means, though. He is a smart man who takes great pride in his skills as a shipwright, and has a bright future as a pirate if he utilizes his strength and makes smart decisions. Alec is most recognizable by his slim black pants almost half concealed by his huge baggy maroon sweater; Alec is also sometimes seen sporting a black cap whilst out on his adventures...

Weapons: Edit


[Pistol was stolen by the late KUGO INSANO]

Combat Style: Edit

The infamous 'Pork Combo' fighting style.

Relationships Edit

Hirino Jones:

Alec was approached by Hirino at Vanilla Isle with the opportunity of joining the Pyranos Pirates. Alec was ecstatic and excited to sale towards the grand line with a pirate crew.

Wilfred Barkskin

First mate of the Pyranos Pirates and Alec's favorite drinking buddy. A beer is exchanged between the two with a nod every morning in silent ritual.