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Rever was born on an island in the far north of the east blue called Slot Island The island he was from was one that was known as the gambling center of the west blue. It was a relatively averaged sized island that had many different casino's in the center with towns along the outside. Rever lived in a house by himself on the East coast near the pier. When he was younger he lived with his family near the center of the island. Many of the citizens of the island worked the casino. His family had dealt cards at a poker table. When days were slow he would sit at the table and watch all the adults play. He started to pick up the game, and became rather good at it. Of course with this he gained an affinity to gambling. One day some marines came to collect tax at the casino, and they sat down to play at his parents table. He sat down and played as well. They were having a nice game, and Rever was beating them. When he had won all the money back the marines grew frustrated and accused Rever's parents of fixing the deck. They pushed Rever to the ground and stole the money, and they arrested his family. Rever was helpless, but he stood up and tried to fight the marines but he was outmatched. He looked around the casino and all he could see was a bamboo sticks in the corner. He ran over and grabbed a bamboo stick that was at least 7' long and began to run back at the marines. He managed to swing the staff and knock one man out, but was immediately punched in the face and knocked out. His parents were taken away to prison and he was powerless. A few years later his parents were released, and he had already secured his new house. He swore to get back at the marines in anyway that he could. He stayed on the island and practiced his staff ability and went gambling. With his winnings he eventually saved up enough to buy a paddle boat for 2000 beli. With only 3000 beli he set off to sea as a pirate wanting to mess with the marines in anyway he could.

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Simple Bo Staff

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Occupation: Merchant/Scout

Inventory: 3,000 beli and a Fishing Rod

Crew: Rising Spirit Pirates

Fights: Rever vs Algernon in Loguetown Execution Platform