Appearance: Edit

He has a tall, slim build standing at a height of 6'4 he has black eyes and dark brown unkept hair. generally wearing a long white shirt and black pants with a belt to hold his pistol, which is all hidden by a long black cloak that goes down to his feet. His sword is in plain sight tied behind his back for easy drawing.

Personality: Edit

Backstory : Edit

Originally from a noble family from an island in east blue, Sufi was expected to grow up and inherit his family business. But he never once thought that he wanted to do that, he enjoyed fighting and shooting more than anything else , sneaking off during classes and night time to go to the coast and looking at all the pirates chilling out drinking and partying, he knew that is how he wanted to live his life , without a care in the world. When we was 12 years old, he met an ex-pirate named 'wolfwood' who went on to teach Sufi all he knew about swords and guns. This went on till he was 16 .His parents eventually found out and had raided their training area but wolfwood had set up a small boat for them to get away, they tried to snipe them from afar and managed to fatally wound wolfwood. He managed to get away from the island and had drifted off to loguetown where he lived in the same boat he arrived in for a few months untill he stole a pirate ship off the coast. 3 years have passed since he started living here , he lived by stealing and sometimes hunting for food on one of the neighbouring islands. He wants to go further than east blue, to the grand line and eventually to the end of it.

Weapons: Edit

A flintlock and a long sword which he wields with equal mastery.

( NOTE :The gun is hidden by the cloak and the sword is completely visible.)

Combat Style: Edit