Name: [Gillian " Gilly " Kakura]

Affiliation: [Neutral]

Occupation: [Bounty hunter]

Backstory: Edit

It all started when he was a child he had a fascination with the world with wanting to explore it and earn money on the way. He heard all kinds of legends about the grand line and the new world but sometimes even doubts if they're really that scary with that said when he grew up Gillian had a need to travel and go to the new world and grandline himself to see all those kinds of things but fully knowing there are pirates and marines with them having a conflict constantly Gillian had trained himself by hitting trees, looking at nearby ships and animals running, running laps even. He knew even there were some temptations and even at training he was attacked by some animals and had gotten a better body at that to be more durable along with his will as not to be easily lured but who knows... he's just a man that's gona travel and hunt to keep his stomach full.


Stamina (STAM): [12]

Strength (STR): [11]

Speed (SPD): [12]

Perception (PER): [9]

Dexterity (DEX): [10]

Willpower (WILL): (15)


Weapons: [A dagger and a steel cutlass.]

Beli: 5000 Beli