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Backstory: Edit

Born in the South Blue Glih dreamed of joining the marines ever since they saved his village from mountain bandits. Sadly his parents were killed by the bandits before the marines intervened. That is why, since he was 8, he lived alone in the house his parents left and worked in a restaurant to pay for living expenses. Thanks to the owner and the staff of the restaurant he was able to cope with the loss of his parents and considers them his family. In his free time he trained in the nearby forest with a polearm he found in his attic.

Being a cook famous for his blue sea food skewers and for using a polearm the marines called him "Blue Skewer". One year after joining he requested to be moved to the Grand Line since work in the South Blue was not fulfilling enough. He dreamed of something greater. After approval of his request he immediately and on his own headed out for Reverse Mountain and began his journey.

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Old blunt polearm

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