Personality: Edit

Lionel Forest is a professional in word and deed - fiercely dedicated to his team (his crew) and to the trophy (Raftel), he goes any length to give his crew the advantage, even when it involves humiliating himself. That said, his professional pride is very important to him. He very easily goes on tangents that make very little sense.

Backstory: Edit

Coming from a long line of professional athletes, Lionel Forest is thought to be the most promising young golfer in the world. Before the start of his journey, his dying father entrusted him with his greatest wish and a set of plans – to build the greatest golf course in the whole ocean. Lionel knew that only one island was suitable for the greatest golf course in the world – Raftel. Lionel aims to conquer the Grand Line and New World, and to claim Raftel as the site of his course, only caring about the island itself.

Weapons: Edit

Golf Clubs

Golf Balls

Combat Style: Edit

Lionel is capable of fighting competently in close quarters, taking advantage of his speed. His greater skill though, is in ranged attacks using a variety of clubs and balls.