Vital statistics
Type Main
Level Somewhat Protected
Location East Blue, Polestar Island
Inhabitants Mysterious Stranger, Vice Admiral Roq

Logue Town is a port city on Polestar Island in East Blue. As it is in close proximity to Reverse Mountain, the entrance to the Grand Line, many pirates visit this city to restock and prepare for their voyage on the Grand Line. It is also the city where Pirate King Emberey was executed.

Major locations

The city of Loguetown held many famous locations, but the three most explicitly described would be the Harbor, the Emberey Bar and the Execution Platform.


Many pirates had traversed to the port city of Loguetown in search of supplies and a crew. Along with the surge of pirates visiting, would be a surge of marines protecting the city from law breakers. And indeed, many pirates would have broke the law to try and climb aboard the execution platform and see the grand view that the Pirate King Emberey saw in his last few moments. Marines fought pirates, and devil fruit users were discovered in this event. On the pirates side, Kenny Direhart was revealed with the powers of the Ope Ope no Mi, along with Emry Albain, who held the powers of the Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Bison. On the marines side, Shinra Zarzula was seen to wield the powers of the Mera Mera no Mi, along with Blake Eaton who bore the powers of the Supa Supa no Mi

However, as the fights started to die down... Vice Admiral Roq was sent to be watching the port city of Loguetown. Overconfident in their abilities, many pirates would try to attack him and they would either fail due to another marine blocking their paths or Roq would simply demolish them with his superior strength. Eventually, the pirates would be outnumbered in the amount of wins they held against the marines, and Roq prepared to wipe them out. He eventually got to the point where he would shoot a boy speaking out to him. To Roq's dismay, a mysterious robed stranger stopped him and the entire marine armada in a matter of seconds with a mysterious technique. Once realizing who this person was, Vice admiral Roq immediately retreated and ran away, disobeying his orders.