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Son Naoki grew up in East Blue. As a child was told by his mother of his evil doings. "We should've sent you away, demon child!" were common threats. However, when in public, Son Naoki shined through the help of his loving mother. "My wonderful son Naoki is so talented! He already knew calculus as a 4 year old!" The crowds of people went wild. Son Naoki would then leave the stage and return home, where his spiteful mother spoiled him rotten. "You can do or have whatever you want, so long as you suppress your evil doings!" she would say. The mother would also cry out to the father, "Lock the door tonight Honey. I don't want that demon killing me in my sleep!"

This was the daily life of the feared, hated, spoiled, and loved Son Naoki. However, life was much worse for his siblings. "Why do you make the good grade again? Now Mom's going to be angry with me!" they'd complain. All 4 siblings soon were envious of Son Naoki, constantly tattling on him for things he never did.

Until one day, when a customer of the Genius Reading Platform complained to Naoki's mother. "Your kid does NOT know calculus or readings! He doesn't know how to predict what path will earn me the most money! You cheapskate!"

For years, Naoki's mother created a stage where customers would walk up to in front of a large audience. They would be told which path directs them to the most money and which decisions they should make in life to achieve happiness. However, Son Naoki had no such knowledge but was forced by his mother to "help" the customers. Refusal to do so resulted in "The Chamber of Healthy Thoughts" where the mother would hope her son's evil would be vanquished.

Eventually, the customers caught on to the act and chased the family out of town. However, the mother was caught, as well as the son. While the mother was killed, the townspeople left Naoki to die after they had posted him to a tree and took several swings at him with a bat. "Don't ever come back you demon! Or else you'll end up like your mother!" After escaping, marines placed a Warning poster about Son Naoki and his evil lies. Although it's not a bounty poster, most towns who know his name don't speak of it and pray that such evil doesn't reach their town. A living taboo, Son Naoki has longed for a place where he belonged and didn't feel like a monster to those around him.

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