Name: [Wade Fang]

Epithet (if any): ["Smiling"]

Affiliation: [Neutral]

Occupation: [Explorer]

Backstory: Edit

[Abandoned when he was a kid, Wade Fang grew up in the mountains of Swing Island (South Blue) and quickly mastered the art of survival. By the age of 10, Wade wandered further and discover a nearby civilisation in Sully town where he met the quirky explorer he only knew as Sunny. It was him that named Wade Fang as the grim kid had grown two fangs that, according to Sunny, "looked better in a smile". Sunny decided to take care of the wild kid who barely could interact with normal citizens. For the next 6 years, Sunny taught everything to Wade from his love and knowledge of world exploration to the art of fighting. At the start of his training, Wade didn't have the strengh to wield a full-lengh sword like his mentor and decided to use two daggers. On his 17th birthday, Wade wakes up to the horrifying vision of a wounded Sunny that got severly injured by a local beast. His last word to Wade were as such: "Those fangs sure look sharp. As long as you smile, i'm sure they'll grow even sharper. I think it's time for you to set out to the world. Go on son, take a bite of the wonders of this world." It's on this tragic incident that Wade promised himself to keep on smiling as often as he could and to become the best explorer in this world.]


Stamina (STAM): [13] Strength (STR): [7] Speed (SPD): [15] Perception (PER): [10] Dexterity (DEX): [12] Willpower (WILL): [13]


Weapons: Two daggers Description: Average height, slim/normal fit, short but spiked black hair, two visible upper fang. Beli: 5000 Beli