Wallow is the third mate of the Celestial Phoenix Pirates and their doctor. Previously serving in the marines from a young age and eventually joining the Paragon Marines, Wallow eventually left them in pursuit of other ideals to where he is now.

Born in the Grand Line, he is the only son of the Navy Admiral, Zach Heart. After a rather easy childhood Wallow wanted to see what the world had to offer and wanted to undergo basic training that all marines have gone through. His interest also lead him to undergo classes in the medical field where he was taught by the best doctors available to him. He learned many routine operations and knows a staggering amount of biological and anatomical knowledge. After showing great prowess, he quickly graduated from the academy and was placed into active duty. The rest of his story is being told now.

Appearance Edit

Wallow is a fairly tall, lean, guy standing at a staggering six feet and three inches tall. His hair is short length and flows naturally into what he would call the his hairstyle, and his eyes are a rich brown color. He wears a mint green long sleeve button down shirt with black buttons, black slacks, and some rather nice black kicks. On the small of his back, Wallow carries two identical holsters where he keeps his two primary pistols.

Personality Edit

Wallow is generally polite and well mannered towards most people. If he's not doing anything of importance he is carefree to a rather astonishing degree and is generally fine with anything that happens around him. It's been said that its as if he does not give a fuck about anything.

In his free time Wallow enjoys cooking and studying either anatomy, biology, or anything he can about Devil Fruits. One day he wants to finish the work his dad started and complete the Encyclopedia of Devil fruits.

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Wallow used to be a member of the Paragon Marines and their Doctor. He was generally fond of all of the members and wishes the best for each of them, however should they meet on the battlefield they will be rivals.

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Celestial Phoenix Pirates Edit

Now the third mate, Wallow enjoys the freedoms he has with the rest of this crew and hopes to complete his dreams with them all by his side.


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